Saturday, November 1, 2008

Carving the Fam and treats

We decided to carve our little family of pumpkins (Tuesday night)and our little girlie girl didn't want to touch what was inside and get dirty (who would have ever imagined) but she did want to handle the knifes. Tim the creative pumpkin carver did Alyse's pumpkin first (that is why there are so many pics with dad) otherwise known as "Bob". She did get into all the fun after bath time and tried to put "Bob" back together again.

Our little sunflower did have a fun night running around in the dark. It was pretty warm here so we let her stay outside while we handed out candy. We did trick or treat to the closest neighbors. Alyse wanted to grab all the candy either in other kids bags or the items being handed out. We did have a good night and enjoyed the festivities!

1 comment:

auntie amy said...

cute cute cute--if she is a perfect sunflower you are an awesome daisy!! yeah for bob too...