Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All by myself

Someone is growing up way too quickly! Everyday it seems we have new word. The other day a Fire Truck drove past us and Alyse said "truck"! Yesterday we spent a few minutes at the pool before saying adios to summer and on the way she kept saying "pool". Before we know it, she will be always talking and we will be wanting her to be quiet! Here are some pics from the last several days. Last Thursday we had a rainy day so she played in the homemade house (thanks Dad) and we got out the crayons for the first time (yes that is her hugging her paper). Auntie Amy sent us our first baby doll from Alaska and we named her Abby (the street that Amy lives on). Now if I say where is your baby, she goes and gets her! Alyse loves trying on shoes (we may have a girlie girl on our hands) and is always stealing shoes, another word she can say! This morning we got the chance to play outside for most of it. Dusty joined us and I discovered that Alyse can go down the slide all by herself! Thanks Aunt Peggy and Makenzie for the new shoes!