Thursday, May 29, 2008

First of Many

These past few weeks we have experienced several firsts in the adventures of Alyse! One of them was saying a word, clear as day. I heard some noises coming from the bottom region and I thought hum someone is doing a number 2. I said to this someone, "poo poo" and what came back to me was "poo poo". Ah my daughters first clear words are poo poo! Some of you are thinking that is so appropriate for my child and I do have to laugh at the one.

Well that may not go down in the books, Yipes! We will say that her first words were ruff ruff.

The second first was last night Alyse attending her first concert and loving it! She danced, clapped, crawled and had a blast (our little future rock star). The band 10th Ave North played at FCHS and of course we had to go and see Mike and the gang.

The third first was the graduation of Daine William (who is Alyse's cousin and Jo's Nephew) He graduated from Fossil Ridge High School (in the good ole Fort)! Wahoo, way to go!

The fourth first was the Birthday party! It was a first having to make cupcakes and Birthday cake and it may be our last (we'll hire Todd for the occasion). It ended up being a perfect day! No one got lost finding the Gulatsi farm (all the cousins came down from PA), the weather was outstanding, no kid fights and Alyse survived the party. The kids entertained themselves by swinging, sliding and eating! Alyse opened her gifts, hung out with the guests, ate her cupcake (North Douglass I might add) and took one long nap after the festivities were over! Thanks to all who made the day a huge success and Auntie Bethie and all her fam with the planning, decorating and eats! Enjoy some of the pics from the day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Year Old

WOW! I can't believe that we know have a one year old in our home! Where did the time go! The day started of with a smile and a chance to wake up big sister Dusty and have her wish Alyse a Happy Birthday! We opened one present bbefore church since we knew Nana got us a fun Birthday dress. Believe it or not she tore into it and then had fun taking items out of the box.We celebrated her birthday at home since it was wet and cold outside. It was the best Mother's Day present ever!! Alyse got a slide on her birthday but we gave it to her a day early since we knew the chances of playing on it on her day were slim.She had a great time opening her presents and playing with them! Thanks everyone!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Someone has discovered that she is in love with the great outdoors! Phew! It is a good thing since her mom and dad love being outside and involved in many activites that involve the great outdoors. Besides just being in the outdoors she has enjoyed taste testing the outdoors (dirt, sticks, leaves and all).