Thursday, November 13, 2008

Falling Off the Charts

Today I went in for the 18month check up and shots for Alyse. Once again we have aimed high (litterally) and she is off the charts for height (34inches). She is weighing in at 27lbs which is in the 90th. It always makes me smile how God worked things out b/c her male life giver(biological) was 6'4 and so is Tim! How cool is that! So I love to say her Dad is 6'4 and that is why we have one tall girlie! The hard part is clothes that fit since we are in the 18-24 month sizes, go figure! At least I know her chances of being taller than me are great and hopefully a great goalie, center on a basketball team, swimmer or homerun hitter. Right now I will settle for a happy, talkative, outgoing, darling little girl who loves the outdoors and is not quite sure what to think of the leaves!

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auntie amy said...

i love it!! so glad she's also lovin' using all her big muscles too!! what a cutiepatotie!