Thursday, October 23, 2008

Words...and more fun

Alyse is a word machine! Watch out world we have a chatter box on our hands! Each day I swear (not bad words) she has a new word. Her latest have been; home, neigh, toad and please. She is so fun to have around. When we are in the car she loves to rattle off her list of names; steve, nana, bobby, amy, mommy, daddy, meme, che che, papa and her latest is Ally (one of our youth group girls). This is also a fun time to teach her new names, so don't worry I am trying. Of course there is much anger when something has to leave her possession, that is not so fun! One of her newest things is when we say "bye" to someone she immediately says "bye". Yesterday I finally heard it on the phone when I called Tim and it made me smile (and get a little teary, softy)! Every time I make something she always wants me to pick her up, which she says "up". So I finally got smart and Tuesday when I was making pizza , I gave her a chair and the pictures tell the rest of the story!


Kerri said...

Each stage just gets more and more fun, doesn't it? It is so incredible how quickly their little vocabularies start to grow...and so fun to hear what words they come up with next! Enjoy this time as always, before you know it she will be talking non-stop and you won't remember what it was like before! =) (And sometimes you will be wishing for moments of silence....ha!) =)

auntie amy said...

she is soooo amazing..I thank God for such a wonderful bright spot in my world..and yours!! (you forgot woffwoff and dusty too!! some of her favorite words,right?)