Sunday, February 27, 2011


WOW! It has been way to long since I did something with this! I almost forgot I had a blog site, not even sure if anyone is out there! Maybe it was because this past month I said goodbye to the thirties and hello to a new era. Upon turning the big four oh, I was thinking of what transpired during the 30's. This is what I came up with;
I got married
Bought a house, Inherited a Dog
Got a new doggie when we had to say goodbye to the old one
Adopted a beautiful baby girl
went to Alaska twice
checked off baseball spring training from my bucket list
bought two cars
new niece
switched careers
had one car accident
caught up with old friends that I always wondered about
celebrated a high school reunion
said prayers for three tours of duty for my brother
lost grandparents
added a new sister in law
visited NYC - and will again to celebrate the big birthday
(there is probably much more but since I am getting old, can't quite remember them all)

So goodbye to the 30's! Can't wait to see what my list for the next ten years!!!

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lottie said...

Great list! Love the milestones. Can't wait to see you!