Friday, February 20, 2009

A Fast One

Since my birthday this year fell on a Wednesday, I spent most the day at the studio and then church.  My awesome hubby took us out for breakfast since it is my favorite meal of the day (and dinner would be at church)!  Alyse and I ate french toast and eggs.  I guess I will get the point of why I am blogging about my birthday. 
At work my co-worker checks in with me about the happenings from the previous day.  She tells me all the good stuff then calls back a little while later.  She called to tell me to light the candles.  I was thinking to myself (yes that does happen time to time), what the heck, who cares about candles, but I will since she called.  I proceed to light 2 out of 3 (I was too lazy to light the one that was further away).  About 10 minutes later I got up from the computer to stretch and take a break.  On way back to the room I glance over to the table that has displays and low and behold, I see me!  That picture was framed and sitting there with Weadon Photos!  
My first response was "what the heck, how did that get there".  Then I proceed to laugh, what an awful picture, who let me out of the house with hair like that.  It was from an FCS Christmas party I believe either 95, 96 b/c after running a marathon with hair like that, it was gone.  So I call my co-worker who tells me that my mom came up with the idea, sent the pic to my co-worker and was hoping to surprise me!  Well it worked, she pulled a fast one on me, ugly one (literally).  I did tell my mom to beware, paybacks are coming!  Don't worry I didn't keep the pic!

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Smith Family said...

Ha haha hahaha hahahaha! This is funny. You were my teacher this year!!!!:) lol If it helps, I thought you were cool back then!:) lol