Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

For Christmas 2008 we headed out for Reno, Nev on the 20th of December. I was anticipating the worst with traveling on two flights with a 19month old but low and behold she was great and I was thankful for the layover for someone to run around (Tim included). We made it without haste and had fun getting spoiled by the Dressels, Aunts and Uncle. While we were there Tim marked off his list, a massage! We played many games of Wii and many times traveling up and down the stairs...and up and down the stairs... and up and down the stairs. It did snow twice overnight so we had a little bit of white for the holidays! Then on Christmas Eve we flew with Aunt Amy to Colorado for the remainder of our vacation! Besides the nasty wind (no not from somebody, just mother nature) it was wonderful! We got to go through some family heirlooms, pictures and things mom had saved up for us all to divide. Alyse got to meet some deer and that became a fast new word. We played many card games, drank way too much egg nog and celebrated nana's birthday! After majority of the gang headed to their respectful homesteads we stayed around. We did a day in the Fort visiting old/new friends, seeing Daines place of employment, see Mak's new pad and the way the good ole Fort has grown and a trip to downtown Estes. We celebrated the New Year in stlye....zzz's! After it was midnight on the east coast we had a really hard time staying up (no surprise) so we said hello to 2009 as if it already happened! Can't wait to see what is in store for us in the New Year

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auntie amy said...

you forgot my favorite quotes....
"you're suppose to talk?"
"uhm--do you have any superglue?"
and "so tim--are you considered a man of god?"
sigh. what an awesome vaca..dogs, kids, parents, fff--all!! love ya!