Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Springing Up

This spring things are popping up! We have flowers in the front yard and several families members have visited! Aunt Amy came for a weekend to allow for some r&r and Alyse time before flying to Africa on her medical mission trip with World Vision. It is a long 33hour trip (that would be if she would fly direct - yipes) from AK to Africa. An East Coast stay was recommended for her (which you can never pass up the chance to chill with the choo choo) and she will be doing the same thing this coming weekend on her way home. So we will have Easter with Amy! I am sure she will have many pics & stories that she will share and post on her blogsite!

Grandpa Dressel came this past weekend on his way to Maryland and D.C.! Grandpa was willing to spend a couple hours with the choo choo while mom and dad did church duties! Alyse really enjoyed her time with her gpa and even felt so comfortable to fall asleep early in his arms.


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She's a kid - not a choo choo!