Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My First Week

Now that you know my story, here is a little bit of what I did my first week! I got to hang out a lot with my mom at Aunt Amy's house. We had great bonding time, a lot of sleep together and a lot of watching each other. Monday we went to meet with the lawyer in the morning and learn all about my adoption. Afterwards Amy drove us to see a glacier (from the distance) and then she drove us to the ski resort. Believe it or not I saw my first snow.
I had my first Dr. visit on Tuesday with Dr. Amy and I had gained 1 oz and grew longer just a little to 20". I got to meet all kinds of wonderful people at the Glacier Ped's. Aunt Amy made me cry by pricking my foot to draw blood, oh well, won't be the first. My mom and I saw an eagle on the side of the road as we took our first adventure out by ourselves on Tuesday.
On Wednesday I had my first cooking lesson, Banana Bread! I was a big helper to mom. Too bad I couldn't try any! We also watched a little bit of Hardy Boys to bring mom back to her younger days.
Thursday we just chilled at home, resting, eating, filling my diaper all the fun stuff. Friday I turned 1 week old and mom took me clothes shopping at consignment stores, and we bought my first pair of jeans! Also on Friday we went for our first walking outing. We found a trail and went for a little walk using my sling that Grandpa and Meme bought for me. After all that we picked up Aunt Amy from work and went to a Junior High music concert so Amy could hear her "little brother" play. I didn't like the big drum but I still slept through the concert. To end the day we drove to Auke Bay for some waffles (well mom and Amy) and a little touring around the area.
Saturday Amy was working at a babysitting function so after running errands we went over to see what she was doing and meet more of her friends. All in all it was a great first week of my life!

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