Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sabbatical Week One

Well, being on sabbatical is certainly...different.

Today Jo and I discovered how nice it is not to work on Sunday. After going to church at 3rd Pres. in Richmond, where we remained happily anonymous, we decided to snoop around the U. of Richmond campus. While there we stumbled on a baseball game between U of R and that sports powerhouse, Yale. It was a beautiful day so we sat on the hill and watched really smart guys play a few innings of baseball before going out to lunch.

Otherwise we've been hangin' with some of the college kids on spring break as well Abby the former intern. Christine, Amanda, and Abby all came over for dinner with Jo and I Tuesday night. We played Canasta and ate ice cream late into the night. Then a couple days later Tim, Tommy, Christine, Amanda, and I all had lunch together. In between all this eating and card playing we talked a lot about faith and ministry, things that had made a difference in their lives, and things that hadn't. Otherwise I've done some writing (my "book"), lots of reading, checked out some running (wheeze!!) trails in the National Park, and done a little exploring in the seminary library in Richmond.

All this reading, writing, and eating makes a man have to go outside and work with his hands. I've been working on the back of the house trying to make it appear a little less ghetto. Although, come to think of it I've never seen a ghetto with as much dog poop as our backyard. But it's getting better. I painted the foundation and crawlspace door and the dog helped out. While I managed to minimize the amount of paint on me, Dusty now has a frosted white tail and a white tip on her left ear.

Someone better comment on these blogs or I'm not going to bother!


dave and janelle said...

You're right - don't bother!

What u lookin at said...

whassup timmay sounds like ur having some good times i hope ur not terribly depressed that you cant see me for a while itll be ok well make it through this toghether

What u lookin at said...

btw tim this is red

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have strapped a paintbrush to Dusty's tail--she probably would have done a better job! Afterall, those poops are strategically placed in the yard. Keep having fun!

Anonymous said...

hey Tim! I saw Abby the other day too.. tell her she needs to come visit everyone at SPC! Sounds like you guys are having fun- but we miss you.
Oh yeah- and in case you havn't been told- I'm officially going to Ligonier this summer!!! Got the letter a couple weeks ago. So that's all the exciting news I've got! Keep us posted! ~Kaitlyn