Sunday, March 11, 2007

High School Retreat

Once again we loaded the vans and headed to Brethren Woods for this year's high school retreat. This year we talked about trusting God and changing our perspective. We were joined by three of our esteemed youth group "alumni." The weekend started with hot chocolate, cookies, and some serious "King/Queen of the Box" action. Saturday we spent the day in the woods doing low ropes in the morning and the high ropes course in the afternoon. Somewhere in there a giant turtle made of aluminum foil. After that we took a break during which a few of us decided to engage in a little mud football while waiting for the lasagna to bake. Later after our worship time everyone took 20 minutes of silence and then spent the rest of the night hanging out and eating brownies and homemade ice Sunday morning was spent putting out the fire in the oven, cleaning up, and praying for one another. Then after a last minute and unsuccessful attempt to rescue the turtle we headed for home.

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