Sunday, January 14, 2007

Christmas in Colorado

This trek out to Colorado began with a question, are we going to make it out there? As you may know Colorado got dumped on with some snow right before the Holidays. Thankfully we were flying out several days after the blizzard(Christmas Eve) and had no problems heading out West. Only one family member had difficulties but finally made it out to the snowy state, and that it was! Thankfully we got to sleep in on Christmas (since there were no little ones begging us to wake up) and everyone survived opening presents later in the day. Not like the days when you are little and want to start ASAP. Nana's tree was filled to the brim with presents from everyone (including Santa). We had a lot of fun and received a lot of fun presents, Tim and his Chia Pet, Yoda Billy and Chewbacca Ching, Grill master Clayton, Amy and her shuffle (so she can jam out while running), Peggy and her practical wisdom book by Kermit (who else)!

Makenzie and Daine got some really cool jackets of things that they are into now (Daine and his Mustangs, cars that is, which he inherited from his Aunt Jo, and Mak and her Elvis, which may come from her dad)

Thankfully we decided to open stockings after stuffing our faces with great food, playing some games, catching a few zzz's and relax. Opening the stockings led to some more crazy family fun. Daine and Billy looking good!

After celebrating Nana's Birthday we thought we were in the clear and little did we know but more snow was on the way. It started snowing earlier in the morning (the big white fluffy flakes) and continued well into the night. Snowshoeing became our main transportation that night to get us back to our cabin. The snow led for more tricky times because of family members flying out and hoping their flights won't be cancelled. When this snow storm was all said and done we ended up with another foot and a half (on top of what was already there). So you can imagine we had a lot of fun in the snow and a lot of shoveling done by Tim and Daine!

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