Saturday, December 16, 2006

2006 Year in Review

Welcome to the Habby site! This is a recap of the Habby's in 2006 with pictures with a few side notes. Sit back relax, enjoy reading!

January: Tim started his 8th year at SPC as we rang in the New Year! Jo was busy the first part of the year with Homecoming activites for FCS. We had only a couple snow fallings this year.

February: We both celebrated milestone Birthdays (we will not mention what they are).
We were able to pull off a surprise party for Tim despite heavy snowfall. Jo started her last FCS coaching job by assisting with the girl's varsity soccer team.

March: We had our High School retreat at Brethren Woods (most of the kids returning to the 1st place they went on a retreat with Tim).

Dusty celebrated her 3rd birthday with a birthday bath.

April: Celebrated our 5th Anniversary (has it been that long, just kidding).

Tim went down south, New Orleans, with the church to work with Canal Street Presbyterain Church by cleaning up homes. Several youth from SPC joined them and it was a great success. It was great time of being a witness!

While Tim was southbound, Jo went West to visit family in Colorado because little brother was coming back to the states for his 2 week hiatus from Iraq. Jo met up with her old college buddy Ang, hung out at nephew Daine's hockey game, celebrated Amy (sis) b-day and since it was Easter we colored eggs with Abbyanne (Billy's daughter).

May: We finalized our adoption papers and are officially out there to receive a little one! Start praying! Many FCS alumni graduated from college (hard to believe that Jo is that old)

June: Jo said goodbye to FCS after 11 years of ministry. It was very hard since so many friends, memories, coaching and growing happened there. It was a great chapter in life and one that was truly blessed by God! She started working full time at the photography studio and this started the busy season of 2007 senior pictures.

Jo ventures on her own to take wedding pictures for a friend and former FCS student (Kate and Daniel) in Myrtle Beach.

We also had many graduates from SPC that Tim had witnessed growing up at SPC (he met most of them as 5th graders, yipes)! When she was home Jo watched many hours of the World Cup!

July: We took our Habecker family beach trip to the Outer Banks for a week. Much relaxation happened at the beach and good quality time spent with the newphews and nieces (like being in the water all day).

After returning from the beach we headed down to Tennesse with the High School crew for a week of Mystery with confrontation point mission trips.

August: Tim went to camp to lead a week for a group from Northern VA. Jo didn't have to go back to school this fall (there has been only one other fall since Kindergarten that she didn't go back to school, weird eh). The studio keeps Jo very busy and many weekends working at weddings to get some practice.

September: Billy came home from Iraq!! Despite encountering three IED's during his tour he made it home! The SPC Big Event happened at the Belvedere Plantation with the corn maze, playing in the fun barn (like swinging on ropes), roasting hot dogs over the fire, taking a hay ride, listening to testimonies and a motivational speaker (named Tim).

October: Jo's mom came to visit the Habby Hut one weekend! We all went to Monticello, drove around to see fall colors and did some massive baking in the kitchen. Tim took a group of SPC youth up to camp to do a "Hard Core Weekend" where they did some work on the barn and visited the site of where flight 93 crashed.

Billy and Ching tied the knot and will have a reception next Fall.

November: Another visit from Jo's family, Billy! He came to visit a colleague at Walter Reed and came down to the burg to chill with us. We spent a day up in D.C. being tourist before he had to report back to base.

The Middle School retreat was a very busy weekend for Tim was the big chief for the weekend and Jo (along with a youth volunteer) was in charge of Program for the weekend. The theme was "Make it Real" led by Stary Night and Sunny Day's talk show.

For Thanksgiving we joined the Habecker clan up in PA for some good eats!

December: Things started calming down at the studio after Santa made a visit. We had our Mystery Christmas dinners for the middle school and high school crew at SPC. Jo experienced eating Ice Cream on salad with a knife! Tim got a really cool guitar at the gift exchange, Jo got stale Peeps (haha). For Christmas we will fly out to Colorado, and that will be the next blog post we will make!


WellLottieDa said...

I love your holiday card! You guys had such a busy year and I'm so happy to read about it. Good luck getting to Colorado for Christmas and I can't wait to read future posts.
xoxo, Lottie

The Thomas Trio said...

Told you this was a cool idea! Sweet pics, especially the snowy trees and the wedding pic on the beach. Student become teacher. Enjoy the holidays. B is finally home, and will be for at least a week. I will be here until January 12, so let's hook up after the holidays. Love ya!

Rhoda Jabbour said...

I loved seeing your year in pics and words. It's all good. I look forward to your next visit to NYC and a mention in a future blog! Hey, you never know!

CJTacky said...

Great blog, JoJo!! I enjoyed catching up on your year. Love ya! CJ