Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our time in Thailand

Well we made it around the world!  We are very thankful that we got to Thailand a few days before we meet our son.  Since we are a day "ahead" it has been nice being able to just chill.  Our first day we spent walking the streets and getting familiar with our surroundings.  The traffic here is worse than DC (if you can imagine).  They have no regards to how close they go, motorcycles fly in-between everyone and there are cars everywhere.  Our second day we went on a "tour" to the floating market.  It was a tourist trap but still nice to see the country side.  We got to take a ride on a "motor boat" to the market then there is anything you could possible need or not need. 

We are looking forward to tomorrow (Monday), it's the big day! We have a meeting in the morning with the social worker here in Thailand and then they bring our son over for lunch.  Later in the afternoon we get to meet his Foster Mother and see where he has been living.  My emotions are everywhere, excited, scared, nervous but we know that God is in control and He has been here every step of the way.  Thanks so much for praying for our journey and the newest Habecker addition!

ps here are a few comforts from home

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Anonymous said...

You guys are such an amazing family. The fact that God has blessed you with a boy is awesome. I hope you have a safe and successful trip. Keep in touch