Saturday, May 23, 2009

Exploring New Things

Sometimes you just have to sit back in amazement about God's handiwork. I am still in awe of how He added to our family! Tim and I wonder what her likes and dislikes will be and we've gotten to explore those areas a little more lately (playing drums, guitar, surfing and drawing in new places) and hopefully explore the potty a little more! We even held a frog that the neighbor boy caught and was taking care (torchering) of it. Our little explorer loves to watch the frog that lives in our front pond, pretend like she is driving to church (when she plays in the car, I ask her where she is going and it is always church) and take care of her babies. She was even trying to get her Abby doll to use the potty but much to her dismay Abby fell in (yes I had to go rescue her from drowining in the potty). Thank goodness Abby is used to getting wet and we had no problem giving her a bath ( I didn't get any pics of that one).

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