Sunday, November 11, 2007

1/2 a Year

As someone turns 6 Months old today, it is amazing how much Alyse changes and how blessed we are! She is crawling, eating and on special occasions turning into a frog! What a joy she is to have around the house, bring comfort to those who are mourning and laughter to all. Sometimes I want her growth to slow down to enjoy these times a little more and other times I can't wait to see what is around the corner.


auntie amy said...

holy cow-- 1/2 year already??!? doesn't it just seem like we were having the huge phone debate?? yikes!! and she's just as cute as ever--mom's gotten AWESOME at taking adorible pics of her...i love the froggie...and the "i'm not so sure about this solid food" look...hehehe
auntie amy
(ps-jo's in trouble again for not telling amy when she crawled...sigh. i'm gonna have to report you)

ruth said...

i love seeing the pictures!! great shot of the pouty face. :)

The Thomas Trio said...

She kinda looks like Tim!!!! Meant to be! Hope to see you next week. I'll call you Tuesday when I get in.