Sunday, July 22, 2007

One Month

Well it has been one month since we brought Alyse home to VA and much has happened. We helped her celebrate her first Independence day by hanging out at the Holts and a couple days later we were celebrating our Independence from the courts. On the 6th of July we were able to celebrate the signing of the decree to adopt Alyse! A deep wahoo went out through the state and we were able to celebrate the day along with Gramma Habecker's Birthday. While we have been home Alyse has met many people and has enjoyed every minute! She had her first swim in the pool which will probably be
the first of many swims. She didn't like standing in the pool so once we moved she was happy. The staff at SPC hosted our first baby shower and we attended a shower in honor of
Catherine (Strode) Parks and their upcoming addition to their family. Tim and the SPC Youth went on their annual summer mission trip to West VA and we had fun adjusting to life without Dad at home. The hardest part was taking care of two children (the dog and Alyse). While Dad was gone Alyse slept her first night in her big girl bed, her own crib. We ventured out to our Dr. here in VA (we miss our Aunt Amy) and had our four 2 month shots, yipes, that was a hard one for both of us. Alyse now weighs 12.5 lbs and is 24 inches long (one day he is going to tower over me).

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Parker said...

Proud of your farmers tan Tim!!